Monday, March 28, 2011

You Don't HAVE to Have That Linen Closet!

Hello, all! Hope this Monday finds you well. Today's post is like putting two and two together. Simple, classic, and rewarding. In my apartment, I only have one main closet. When I first moved in, I tried to be creative when deciding where to store things. Since I've mentioned before that I love bed linens, I wanted to have a place especially for them. So, I decided to use a piece of antique furniture that has been in my family for years as a cabinet to display my comforting textiles. By having a storage facility that is open to the wandering eye, it also forced me to organize meticulously. I love the way that it turned out. When my mom first saw what I had done with the cabinet, she loved the idea. :) Having Dr. K's approval is always a plus. So, if you don't have a linen closet, no worries! Just use a piece of furniture and fold everything as neatly as possible. I admit, I am horrible with those folded sheets! I just roll them up and shove 'em in there! Haha! Even if it does not have glass doors, you can still achieve a similar look. There is certainly something to be said for having your favorite things close at hand. Hope all of you have an excellent week!
P.S. Sorry my pictures are a little yellow. I had a couple of camera difficulties today.

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