Thursday, December 29, 2011

Today Marks...

Over 10,000 blog views! Keep them coming and thanks for all your support!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's Nails

It's that time of year again, ending the old year and bringing in the new. And with the new year, there is always time for you to do something new for yourself. Whatever small "happy" that you enjoy, enjoy it more often in 2012. Now, I'm obviously not a man, so little things they do to pamper themselves, I never know what they might be. New cologne, a candle? What are their answers? But, for women, I do have an idea of something simple that can be a super easy pick me up. You guessed it, nail polish. Colorful nails have become a huge and lasting trend that is surely ageless. Nail lacquer everywhere is becoming more and more age friendly as the days go by. Sure, there will always be those crazy teeny bopper colors that nine year olds love, but there are plenty of funky and grown-up shades that allow us to feel unique. Also, well-polished nails are an inexpensive accessory that convey confidence. They are that little extra something that pulls us divas together. At all price ranges, you can have fun with them. So, take a few dollars of your Christmas money and do something fun for yourself. Dark blue, gold, wine, you can do it all. You've got your own beauty, so fork over those dollars and embrace it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'Twas The Night of Clearance Shopping

I'm letting my mom in on a little Christmas secret. I just cannot keep it in any longer. Remember my post a few weeks ago about the Dillard's Dig? Well, the proof is in the Christmas pudding, people and I am here to give you an example. After work yesterday, I went to the Dillard's (regular store) in Parkway Place mall. Mostly, I was killing a little bit of time while Billy worked late. Well, I'm all in the Christmas spirit, so I decide I will take a little stroll upstairs to see if anything Eileen Fisher Dr.K wants is on sale. And so, my story begins.

Twas the night before Wednesday and all through the store, Dillard's shoppers were stirring for just one gift more. The sweaters were hung on the racks with care and I see a gray sweater hanging right over there. This garment galore looks just like Dr.K. Yet, to my ho-hum, the price tag was dismay. ($90.00 and originally, $258). And law, if I had bought that in my kerchief, well, she would have just not let me settle down for my long winter's nap. When out on the rung their arose such a clatter, I thought the Dillard's Dig might solve this whole matter. I spring open their door and fly in like a flash, tore open the sale racks and threw up my handbag. The florescent lights are glowing to the items below and the lustre of an additional 50% off is just more than I can bear. When, what to my wandering eyes do appear, but Dr.K's gray sweater but not eight tiny reindeer. With my little old knack of shopping you see, I knew in a moment this one was meant for me. So up to the register with the sweater I flew. And for thirty-five dollars, you'd be dashing their, too. The prancing and pawing of each high heel, brings me closer to victory, oh this, I can feel. I was dressed in my best from head to foot, but my clothes were not tarnished with ashes and soot. I hopefully don't have a little round belly, but I shook when I laughed like a bowl full of jelly. To the cashier I cry, "This sweater I'll take." And she bags it up so a good deal I will make. I sprang to my SUV and gave myself a whistle, and away I flew like the down of a thistle. And you heard me say as I sprang out of sight, "Merry Christmas, Dr. K, wear this one tonight!"

Merry Christmas with love from me!

Image: Neiman Marcus.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chicken Crescent Rolls

2 Bags Tyson Grilled and Ready Chicken
2 Cans Crescent Rolls
1 can Cream of Chicken Soup
1/2 cup Skim Milk
Cheddar Cheese

1.) Mix soup and milk in bowl.
2.) Pour half of soup mix into greased casserole dish.
3.) Roll Chicken and desired amount of cheese up in each triangle crescent roll.
4.) Lay crescent rolls on soup mixture and fill up pan.
5.) Pour rest of soup on top and add cheese.
6.) Bake at 350 until crescents are golden brown.
7.) Delicious, super fast, super easy. Thanks to Rhoda Plain of Rhoda P's Catering for this recipe. She has some great write-ups in Dr.K's Health Department cookbook!

Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

How Fun Is This?,185385

This was such a fun class! Hope you all have a great holiday season. Thanks again to Cathy Wood for this precious article and her blog post about both of us! She is a lot of fun. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Super Fast Side

Canned Yellow Corn
Dried Basil
Butter of your choice
Kosher Salt
Mix to taste and heat in oven. Enough said.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Dillard's Dig

There is a little shopping gem hidden from all of us up here in the Shoals area. If you've already heard of it, you should've told me! I'm always up for a good deal, especially with extremely expensive clothing! Well, this place is my new pick-me up. It is located inside of Madison Square Mall where their Dillard's store used to be. It functions as a permanent outlet for Dillard's all across the south. Let me tell you, they have got it going on over there. If you are in the mood to search for a good deal, go for it! While I was there, I picked up two Three Dots cardigans (MADE IN USA!) for quite the steal. One was priced $120 and I got it for $26 while the other was priced $90 and I got it for $24. Dr. K loves all things Eileen Fisher, a gorgeous women's brand that is very luxurious. Many of their items start out at around $100. But, not here! She bought four tops for $17 each! I'm talking fine fabrics, silk and cotton all the way. Combined, our purchases saved quite a lot of money. I also have a guy/girl I know who purchased over $2000 worth of suits and sport jackets, plus women's items for $400. They have fine men's brands such as Hickey Freeman, Hart Schaffner Marx, and Kenneth Cole. I'll go ahead and let Billy in on a little Christmas secret because I am so excited about this place. I bought him a $90 dress shirt for $17. Come on people, we are talking Wal-Mart prices here! I was looking through a rack of women's jeans and found a pair of Eileen Fisher in a size four, unfortunately. However, being a stylist, I looked over at a girl nearby and said, "If you wear a four, which I think you do, please buy these!" I know I sound crazy, but when you do it for a business, you are always looking to find great deals for other people, too! She actually took the pants and eventually bought them!! Nothing better than the satisfaction of helping someone find a $250 pair of jeans for $30! That will boost your confidence and help your wallet! This hideout also has kid's clothes, handbags, shoes, home items, and intimates. SPANX bras were everywhere, unfortunately none in my size. No fear here, they get shipments constantly! "I'll be back!" You can even call ahead to see if they are running extra deals that day, which they always are, or so our cashier said. I want to buy something on sale, and I want to buy it even on more sale than sale. See what I mean? What a great shopping day this was! Invest some time in this place, it isn't the prettiest, but the deals cannot be beat. Pep up your wardrobe for pennies and get quality over quantity! Go, go, go, and don't forget to pick me up on the way!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

I've Said It Once...I'll Say It Again

Ladies, please do your lips a favor and pick up this Sephora Cream Lip Stain. Oh my word, it works wonders! Lipstick woes are no more! I've just recently bought my second tube and I'm on a roll. The best $12 I've spent on any beauty product!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Affordable Luxury-The Century

Hello, out there! What is life without a little pick me up? What is life without an affordable pick me up? No fun. Tonight, while traveling, I discovered a hidden gem in downtown Birmingham. What is better than a modern, suave, and clean restaurant that turns out to be the perfect dinner spot after a long day? Again, not much. If you know anything about me or my blog, you know what I love. Well, add this little place to that list.

Normally, I am not one for hotel restaurants. When I go anywhere, I am out asking locals where I must eat. And...local etiquette at its best is also my must. This place proved me wrong and washed away all my hotel restaurant woes. Called The Century and located right inside the Tutwiler Hampton Inn and Suites, it is what it is and it is lovely. I had a Fried Green Tomato BLT complete with aoili and homemade potato chips. I topped it off with made from scratch cheesecake. Whoa. Every fork full was totally worth my hardcore cardio today. What else was great about this place, you ask? The service. The chefs are Culinard students from right here in Birmingham (partnership). They presented the food perfectly, had an excellent food score (98), and they clearly showed their passion for food. The best food you've ever had always comes from those that put love and care into what they are doing. They live their love. That love is an obvious existence at The Century. Our waitress, Denise, was also quite the star. Every single need we had was met with a cheerful heart and a contented hand. I work in the service industry. I know it, I value it, I believe in it. Serve me well and I will serve you well. A write-up on this restaurant was extremely well deserved. Applause and props go to The Century. You are one for the books upon my next trip to Birmingham.

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