Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Dillard's Dig

There is a little shopping gem hidden from all of us up here in the Shoals area. If you've already heard of it, you should've told me! I'm always up for a good deal, especially with extremely expensive clothing! Well, this place is my new pick-me up. It is located inside of Madison Square Mall where their Dillard's store used to be. It functions as a permanent outlet for Dillard's all across the south. Let me tell you, they have got it going on over there. If you are in the mood to search for a good deal, go for it! While I was there, I picked up two Three Dots cardigans (MADE IN USA!) for quite the steal. One was priced $120 and I got it for $26 while the other was priced $90 and I got it for $24. Dr. K loves all things Eileen Fisher, a gorgeous women's brand that is very luxurious. Many of their items start out at around $100. But, not here! She bought four tops for $17 each! I'm talking fine fabrics, silk and cotton all the way. Combined, our purchases saved quite a lot of money. I also have a guy/girl I know who purchased over $2000 worth of suits and sport jackets, plus women's items for $400. They have fine men's brands such as Hickey Freeman, Hart Schaffner Marx, and Kenneth Cole. I'll go ahead and let Billy in on a little Christmas secret because I am so excited about this place. I bought him a $90 dress shirt for $17. Come on people, we are talking Wal-Mart prices here! I was looking through a rack of women's jeans and found a pair of Eileen Fisher in a size four, unfortunately. However, being a stylist, I looked over at a girl nearby and said, "If you wear a four, which I think you do, please buy these!" I know I sound crazy, but when you do it for a business, you are always looking to find great deals for other people, too! She actually took the pants and eventually bought them!! Nothing better than the satisfaction of helping someone find a $250 pair of jeans for $30! That will boost your confidence and help your wallet! This hideout also has kid's clothes, handbags, shoes, home items, and intimates. SPANX bras were everywhere, unfortunately none in my size. No fear here, they get shipments constantly! "I'll be back!" You can even call ahead to see if they are running extra deals that day, which they always are, or so our cashier said. I want to buy something on sale, and I want to buy it even on more sale than sale. See what I mean? What a great shopping day this was! Invest some time in this place, it isn't the prettiest, but the deals cannot be beat. Pep up your wardrobe for pennies and get quality over quantity! Go, go, go, and don't forget to pick me up on the way!


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