Friday, December 2, 2011

Affordable Luxury-The Century

Hello, out there! What is life without a little pick me up? What is life without an affordable pick me up? No fun. Tonight, while traveling, I discovered a hidden gem in downtown Birmingham. What is better than a modern, suave, and clean restaurant that turns out to be the perfect dinner spot after a long day? Again, not much. If you know anything about me or my blog, you know what I love. Well, add this little place to that list.

Normally, I am not one for hotel restaurants. When I go anywhere, I am out asking locals where I must eat. And...local etiquette at its best is also my must. This place proved me wrong and washed away all my hotel restaurant woes. Called The Century and located right inside the Tutwiler Hampton Inn and Suites, it is what it is and it is lovely. I had a Fried Green Tomato BLT complete with aoili and homemade potato chips. I topped it off with made from scratch cheesecake. Whoa. Every fork full was totally worth my hardcore cardio today. What else was great about this place, you ask? The service. The chefs are Culinard students from right here in Birmingham (partnership). They presented the food perfectly, had an excellent food score (98), and they clearly showed their passion for food. The best food you've ever had always comes from those that put love and care into what they are doing. They live their love. That love is an obvious existence at The Century. Our waitress, Denise, was also quite the star. Every single need we had was met with a cheerful heart and a contented hand. I work in the service industry. I know it, I value it, I believe in it. Serve me well and I will serve you well. A write-up on this restaurant was extremely well deserved. Applause and props go to The Century. You are one for the books upon my next trip to Birmingham.

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