Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'Twas The Night of Clearance Shopping

I'm letting my mom in on a little Christmas secret. I just cannot keep it in any longer. Remember my post a few weeks ago about the Dillard's Dig? Well, the proof is in the Christmas pudding, people and I am here to give you an example. After work yesterday, I went to the Dillard's (regular store) in Parkway Place mall. Mostly, I was killing a little bit of time while Billy worked late. Well, I'm all in the Christmas spirit, so I decide I will take a little stroll upstairs to see if anything Eileen Fisher Dr.K wants is on sale. And so, my story begins.

Twas the night before Wednesday and all through the store, Dillard's shoppers were stirring for just one gift more. The sweaters were hung on the racks with care and I see a gray sweater hanging right over there. This garment galore looks just like Dr.K. Yet, to my ho-hum, the price tag was dismay. ($90.00 and originally, $258). And law, if I had bought that in my kerchief, well, she would have just not let me settle down for my long winter's nap. When out on the rung their arose such a clatter, I thought the Dillard's Dig might solve this whole matter. I spring open their door and fly in like a flash, tore open the sale racks and threw up my handbag. The florescent lights are glowing to the items below and the lustre of an additional 50% off is just more than I can bear. When, what to my wandering eyes do appear, but Dr.K's gray sweater but not eight tiny reindeer. With my little old knack of shopping you see, I knew in a moment this one was meant for me. So up to the register with the sweater I flew. And for thirty-five dollars, you'd be dashing their, too. The prancing and pawing of each high heel, brings me closer to victory, oh this, I can feel. I was dressed in my best from head to foot, but my clothes were not tarnished with ashes and soot. I hopefully don't have a little round belly, but I shook when I laughed like a bowl full of jelly. To the cashier I cry, "This sweater I'll take." And she bags it up so a good deal I will make. I sprang to my SUV and gave myself a whistle, and away I flew like the down of a thistle. And you heard me say as I sprang out of sight, "Merry Christmas, Dr. K, wear this one tonight!"

Merry Christmas with love from me!

Image: Neiman Marcus.

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