Friday, April 13, 2012

Reusable Shopping Bags

Man, oh, man, do I love me some reusable bags. I take them to any and every store. I need produce, hairspray, and tank tops. I don't need another plastic bag. It's great to set off on a shopping trip and feeling relieved to know I won't be coming back home with a million plastic bags! I think everyone has one of those secret plastic bag drawers at their house. They just keep stuffing and stuffing until one day, "Kaboom!" Plastic bag bomb goes off in the kitchen. Target gives a 5 cent discount for every reusable bag brought. Considering how I wait until I need a carload of items, I wind up saving a good bit. I use canvas, paper, beach totes, all kinds of totes and such. Besides saving the planet, it's great for living in a third floor apartment! I can haul twice the stuff in half the time! Seriously, we've all got tons and tons of bags around the house, let's use them!
Here's a great website for some if you're in need!

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  1. i love reusable shopping bags too! i like this one! id love to add this to my collection, ive got a bunch of GBP ( reusable shopping bags now.