Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wing Tip Eyes

Genetically, I have tosis in my eyes. Most of my family members do, as well. It's not a horrible thing, it just causes your eyelids to droop over your eyes. Over time, it can cause vision problems and sometimes needs surgery later in life.
Because of this random issue, I'm always wondering how to make my eyes look bigger (behind glasses,too). The wing-tipped eye has always been a big trend for night wear, but recently, is making more and more of a daytime appearance. Since I've been wearing my eye makeup this way, many people have told me that my eyes look a lot bigger. Plus, switching up my routine is fun! So, if this is an issue for you, or you want bolder eye makeup, try it out!
Here's how I do it:
1.) I buy ELF liquid eyeliner 3-pack at Target for $3.00.
2.) I line my eye with a thick wing tip starting inside and moving out. I make more of an upward motion as I reach the corner of my eye.
3.) I take an angle brush, sweep it in some dark eye shadow, and brush it across the line. This helps set the eyeliner for the day.
4.) Looking in the mirror, I then use an eyeshadow brush to make a crease with color right at the fold of my eyelid. Usually, I use a faint plum color. (You can see it a little in picture 2)

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