Friday, March 30, 2012

Billy's Pumped Up Kicks

Billy is quite the conservative gent when it comes to buying clothes. I need to take lessons from him! His minimalism makes me look like even more of a clothes horse. There are certain brands that he likes, and he buys those time and time again. In particular, he's all about Cole Hann shoes. Give him a pair in 10 and he's good to go. Several weeks ago, I saw these men's Cole Hann sneakers at the Dillard's Dig for $64.99. I loved them, but wanted to wait until they marked them an extra 40% off.
Last night, we made a trip there to look for him a few light weight business outfits. Low and behold, these beauties were marked down to $39.00. No, not business, I know, but he loved them! The retail on these was $128.00. So, if my Marine can handle the Dillard's Dig, you guys can, too! In the meantime, I'll keep posting pics of buys until the cows come home.
Have a great weekend!
Dillard's Clearance Outlet (Better known to me as Dillard's Dig)
5901 University Drive
Huntsville, AL 35806

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