Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Valor Vintage

Vintage photos are a great decorating staple. They are featured in blogs, catalogs, and decorating magazines. You need some on your walls. Ready. Set. Search.

These little gems are hiding right under your nose. Old drawers, antique shops, and boxes are a few of their favorite hangouts. You could raid granny's house and have enough of these to open a superstore. It is very inexpensive to dig out the musty and dusty, frame, and make a giant wall collage. Then, your wall art can be as big as you want it, as tall, or as wide.

I am OCD about blank walls. I want them full of life. I want character and things that represent me. A random conglomeration of things is my idea of masterpiece. Personally, I'd rather frame twenty small pictures and make a giant collage than buy a giant picture for one wall. I'm a hodgepodge person. That's just how I roll. I like art of all sorts, but I just can't get that warm and fuzzy feeling over many store items. I want things to have history and purpose.

I found this sheet of school pictures in my basement. Dr.K never passed them out, so out the door they go. How mod? How chic? I must have these. Add a $4.00 frame from Marshall's and magic appears. They've got a brand new life in 932. It's alright to mix frames, black and white pictures, and colored ones, too. Lay your idea out on the floor to make a plan before you make you hammer in your nails. I did a massive wall collage at my last apartment and I loved every bit of it. "Easy, fun, and practical," I say. Mine won't look like yours and yours won't look like mine. They're one of a kind, folks, one of a kind.

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