Monday, March 19, 2012

Merry March Christmas

So...I'm really behind on things I intended to blog on long ago. Christmas? Pardon me! This was my Christmas tablescape. Total cost: $14.97. Yes, it can be done.
Large stick from yard: Free
Red Tulle: $2.40 Hobby Lobby (40% off one item coupon HERE)
Two Sheets Christmas Scrapbook Paper for Place Cards : $1.00 Hobby Lobby
Lemons: $3.00
Holly from yard: Free
White Tea Candles: $1.00 bag at Dollar Tree
3M Brown Craft Paper: $1.00 Dollar Tree
Candle Holders: 3 for $2.19 Pottery Barn Clearance
Pinecones from yard: Free
Christmas Dishes: My own-Lenox Sleigh Ride
Glasses and Flatware: Dr.K

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