Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hot Tea

Dear Lipton Green Tea With Honey and Lemon,

You are my secret obsession. I have two cups of you every night before bed. You are great with three Splenda and half a lemon wedge. When I first saw you in the grocery store, I was skeptical that we should meet. However, your coupon threw me over the edge and I decided to give you a chance. You have proved me wrong on so many levels. You have brought me back to real hot tea. You're not one of those fake ones that looks good but is all talk. You have calmed me down so I can sleep well. I look forward to spending time with you after a long day. My little green tea pot is quite fond of you as well. She whistles every time she sees you. I see more of you in my future. I plan to have you along at dinner parties, etiquette lessons, and movie dates. We are going to have a lot of fun together. Thanks for being you. Thanks for brewing up something special for me every single time.

Happy Brewing,