Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's Nails

It's that time of year again, ending the old year and bringing in the new. And with the new year, there is always time for you to do something new for yourself. Whatever small "happy" that you enjoy, enjoy it more often in 2012. Now, I'm obviously not a man, so little things they do to pamper themselves, I never know what they might be. New cologne, a candle? What are their answers? But, for women, I do have an idea of something simple that can be a super easy pick me up. You guessed it, nail polish. Colorful nails have become a huge and lasting trend that is surely ageless. Nail lacquer everywhere is becoming more and more age friendly as the days go by. Sure, there will always be those crazy teeny bopper colors that nine year olds love, but there are plenty of funky and grown-up shades that allow us to feel unique. Also, well-polished nails are an inexpensive accessory that convey confidence. They are that little extra something that pulls us divas together. At all price ranges, you can have fun with them. So, take a few dollars of your Christmas money and do something fun for yourself. Dark blue, gold, wine, you can do it all. You've got your own beauty, so fork over those dollars and embrace it.

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