Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Scarf Day

Be reassured that just because I wear a scarf, my day isn't necessarily a bad one.

Some days are just bad days. We all have them. We can maintain a positive outlook on life and they will still come our way. They might continue to come again and again for a very long time. It might be because of the weather, a family emergency, or our health, you get the picture. We women (and men) have the responsibility, yes, responsibility of somehow rolling out of bed and finding a way to pull ourselves together. When those bad days are here, the life-saving accessory is the scarf. If I could have a rack of these hanging on the wall next to automatic defibrillators, I surely would.

You must wake up every morning and be your best self. How ever you have to do it, make it happen. People are waiting outside your door to pull you down. Many cannot wait for their next negative opportunity. How are you going to handle this? Will you pull it all together or wrap up in your sorrow? The other night, I heard a profound quote on television, "You are what you believe to be." When life takes a wild turn on us, what are we to do? Most often, the easiest thing is to let our self-worth slip away. We lose the feeling of who we used to be, how we used to look, and why we used to care. When we have to take the hard road, we must not forget about the value of our self. We must try, try, try to keep it all together somehow. Don't wait for a better time to look better. You can't spend your whole life waiting for things to improve so that you can make yourself over.

Start small with a solution to your problem, the scarf. Really, wear any accessory you choose. When a bad day comes, pick up that thing, put it on and move on. Save yourself the worry about your wardrobe. When you see it during your day, let it remind you of you. No matter how bad things get, you'll be fabulous, suave, and simple. When one of these said days rolls my way, I try to make the best of it. I pull out my scarf, sweep up my hair, add some basics and out I go. I can't and I won't let gloom linger over me.

Consider the scarf a classic staple in your wardrobe. A variety of solids, prints, and textures are a must. You can find these gems at all sorts of places, so keep those eyes peeled. Throw one of them on with jeans or sleek dress pants, a sweater, and a top, there you go. Oh, the possibilities of little pick-me-ups. We've all got leggings, long dressy t-shirts, cardigans, skirts, and boots. These will all go perfectly with cowls, snoods, ascots, mufflers, and the like. Literally, a 1-2-3 outfit concept. If you went to your closet right now, you'd probably find numerous new outfits that are completed with just one scarf. Then, you'll be forced to hold your head high. You must. You will.

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