Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Tight, A Sock, A Boot

We all know that I love the tights and boots combo. However, sometimes tights are not enough to stabilize a long hard day of boot wearing. Instead of hiding my sock inside the boot, I sometimes have it peeping out on top. This adds a great extra touch to an outfit, especially when it's cold out.  This one small change can transform the cozy factor, which I live for in a good outfit. One last note, I hate tights with seams at the toe. I once had a good discussion about this with a friend. How validating to know I'm not alone? After awhile, the seam hurts, especially with a sock on top. If this also bothers you, feel good to know that I've seen plenty more seamless tights out this season. That means, someone's thinking it through! Have a great Wednesday!

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