Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Healing Yoga Video

When I had my gallbladder removed in the middle of August, I fell out of my strenuous exercise routine. My incisions seemed to take forever to close and my stomach stayed sore for a long long time. I did have an unusual experience with the surgery, as my doctor did not expect it to be as bad as it was; thus, he said healing time could take longer. He was right, in many ways, as the gallbladder is one of the "mystery organs," so I hear. My incisions STILL feel raw and uncomfortable. I cannot stand to have certain clothing fabrics touch my scars. I know, weird, there goes Faith again. I guess that's just the way it will be for awhile. Some people seem to just get right back in the groove after this surgery and I envy them. One friend ate steak the night after her surgery. I, on the other hand, do that quite sparingly. I still feel out of sync with exercise, food, and obviously, what to wear everyday.

Onward with the exercise discussion. All along, I walked constantly. Walked while at work, walked while not at work, and possibly, walked while asleep. Yet, I've noticed how much this surgery changed the control I feel I have over my abs. It seems impossible to suck my stomach in, as if I've forgotten how to do it. I know my muscles are just weak, but I want to be back to where I used to be. I feel like I've gained fifty pounds when I'm still in the same clothes. My stomach is just disabled. I've slowly been trying to build back up to my old cardio routine. Tonight before bed, I tried a new yoga video and it seemed to work well. I felt like I was getting a great workout, yet not killing my stomach. If you haven't ever tried yoga, I do recommend it. Before I had my surgery, I used YouTube videos of it as constant exercise routines. With yoga, you're working hard, yet you don't feel like you are. You just need to give it a try to see what I mean! Hopefully, you'll complete a lifelong routine of these yoga videos with a healthy gallbladder in tact. If not, join the club. Humans Missing Organs, unite!

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