Thursday, September 29, 2011

Appealing Travel Attire

Oh good grief, what are people doing these days? I've been in three airports in the past week and I have seen it all. From bad mini-skirts to short dress pants to no makeup to unkempt hair, help me. I don't know how much more I can take. I understand that some people have an agenda when they fly. They might need to wear a suit, uniform, comfortable shoes, etc. They might have had a fifteen hour layover. I get it. However, getting on an airplane is not an excuse to let ourselves go. For those of us that can pick and choose, do you want to be that person that someone silently thinks, "Lord, don't make me have to sit by him/her?" Of course, NOT! I think if we knew that we'd be meeting a celebrity in seat 9A, we might reconsider what we chose the morning of our flight. Dressing comfortably is what I really want to get to the heart of today. Pants are put on one leg at a time, and shirts are put on one arm at a time. This means in the exact same time it took to put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt, jeans, and a nice t-shirt tunic could have easily been chosen. So, for your sake and my blog reputation, don't be that inadvertent, non-caring traveler. Get up, iron it, and strut your stuff!
Lately, I've heard a lot about looking savvy when you fly. Well, I say, "Amen to that." I'm all about making a good impression because it WILL make a difference. You never know who you'll see or meet, I promise. Here are five easy suggestions to make your next "casual" trip fabulous AND fashion forward:
1.) Wear easy shoes! Nowadays, we have to take them off to get through security. A zip up boot, flat, or nice gladiator are always great options and you won't be dragging along in your house shoes.
2.) Dress up with accessories. Scarves are my number ONE plug here. For guys who don't like them, you can look just as cute in a trendy hat. :) I love both of them and they instantly take your look from blah to beautiful. With a neutral print or a simple solid, you will use them throughout your trip, I promise.
3.) Natural fabrics are key. Airplanes are stuffy and I personally don't want to be drowning in polyester. Cotton, silk (for dressy), and wool are all great choices. For example, cotton leggings, a tunic top, and a scarf sound lovely for her, don't they? Relaxed jeans, a cotton button down, and boots, have quite the manly ring, no?
4.) Carry nice baggage. Oh, you thought I meant get a better mate? No, just kidding. However, think of all the upgraded outfit possibilities with a nice handbag or suitcase. Just because you're carrying it doesn't mean it has to be the standard black industrial suitcase.
5.) Grooming is essential. ESPECIALLY for long flights. You need your toothbrush, d.o., and perfume/cologne. Hungover, greasy, and unkempt are disgusting. Please remember that you are making an impact on those around you. We don't need full out pageant makeup, but a five minute makeover is always appreciated!


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