Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween Candy Bark

Man, oh man! What am I doing to my thighs?!? I made this candy bark yesterday and it is amazing. The link to the original recipe is below. I changed mine up a bit with candy from the dollar store. People were hogging all the Halloween M&M's. And...there was no white chocolate to be found. Alas, I am addicted yet again to another new recipe. Feel free to mix this up however you wish. Thanks again to my best friend Pinterest for enticing me to make this! Happy fall to all of you. I can't think of a better way to start off October!
1 block chocolate almond bark
2 Symphony candy bars
3 Butterfinger candy bars
3 packs of pretzel M&M's
1 bag of pretzel sticks (won't all be used)
8 Reece's cup
1 cup Target brand roasted salted almonds chopped
Optional-extra chocolate to drizzle on top (white or dark)
-Chop all items except almond bark in small bites/your desired size
-Melt almond bark in microwave
-Line baking sheet with foil all around-corners, too!
-Spread chocolate out evenly on baking sheet
-Sprinkle all items on top and press into chocolate sheet
-Refridgerate for 30 mins.
-Drizzle extra chocolate on top if desired
-Refridgerate for another 30 mins.
-Keep in fridge until ready to serve

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