Monday, October 10, 2011

Please Buy TJ MAXX Tights

What woman does not love TJ Maxx? I'm telling you that if you aren't obsessed already, you will be very soon. You MUST be a TJ Maxx tight buyer. They have excellent brands such as HUE, Betsy Johnson, and Calvin Klein. They've got all the neat colors and print that are hot for fall. The best thing about them is how cheap they are! Retail on some of those brands is close to $20 for one pair! Last week, I needed a new pair of black tights and I needed them fast. I cannot survive the work week without them. While in a hurry at WM, I decided to grab a plain black pair along with my cereal and milk. Later that week, I was in TJ Maxx to get a gift basket. While looking around, I noticed that they had a three pack of Betsy Johnson tights for $9.99! Hello? Why would I not return the $5.00 for the one pair I got at WM? I'd much prefer designer brand over the everyday, especially when it is cheaper. The pack had a solid pair, and two printed pairs. Perfecto! It's just too bad they're not made in America! Do yourself a favor, save time, gas, and take my advice. Happy Monday and have a wonderful week!


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