Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Protocol School of Washington

This post has been a long time coming. At the end of September, I had the honor, and I mean honor, to attend The Protocol School of Washington. Many of you that know me KNOW for certain that I love etiquette and image. I will talk to one or one-hundred people about anything that has to do with style. I will help them organize their closet, or put together thirty outfits for their month ahead. I will host a bridal shower, dinner party, or holiday get-together and love every minute of it. Absolutely nothing about these things stresses me out because, I L.O.V.E. doing them. Well, after working with friends and clients privately through college, I wondered how I might take this interest to the next level. In comes Dr. K suggesting this school that she has heard many great things about. We know she is a diva and knows the answer to everything! I was automatically interested. What could be better than taking my loves to the next level? I applied, got accepted, and packed my bags to head off to Washington, D.C.
I have to admit that on my first day, I was somewhat intimidated. I sat down next to a woman who was a major in the Air Force, and had quite the accomplished military career. Their were people from Mexico, Africa, and all over the United States. We had everyone from a legit supermodel to a pastry chef to a navy seal! And, better yet, I was the youngest one there (by just a few months, sweet Jennifer)!! Well, I immediately knew I was in the right place as funny as that sounds. These people were so intriguing to me, and I could not wait to talk to them. Then, in walks one of the most elegant women I have ever seen in my life, Mrs. Pamela Eyring, owner of our school and director of our class. We made introductions and I was pleased to find out that three other precious, precious people were from my own great state of Alabama! Roll Tide!
Over the next five days, we covered SO MANY AWESOME THINGS!!! Dining like a diplomat for a six course meal, the proper business image, captivating speaking techniques and international protocol, name a few. Literally, I could not get enough. Most people might not think that sitting in a room from 7:30 to 4:30 everyday could be entertaining. Well, let me tell you, I was having the time of my life. My classmates were hilarious and so fun to get to know! I would even eat dinner with some of them at night. Oh man, let me go on some more!
At the end of the school, we had a graduation ceremony. I have to admit that I got a little emotional about it. I did because I knew I was doing the right thing with my life. It felt so so unbelievably good to have accomplished something that I am thoroughly in love with! This was thoroughly one of the greatest blessings of my life thus far. From the people I met, to everything that I learned, it was all quite unforgettable. I've got great friends on other continents, as well as in my own great state. I think it is safe to say I'm obsessed with The Protocol School of Washington and all the sweeties of the Class of 2011!
So, if you are wondering, what exactly do I do now? The answer is that I have my own etiquette, image, and protocol consulting business. I am certified to instruct people in the private industry or in the corporate world in these topics. Weddings, banquets, and children's etiquette also interest me. I can help organize those as well. I simply took my previous interest in style and dining and added education to it! Now, as I say to my family, "You better do what I say because I am certified!" Haha! I am trying my very hardest to establish myself in the Shoals area so that I can serve them here! Once that is accomplished, I plan to expand to larger cities. I'm loving this because I can do it for a lifetime! I just have to continue to renew my education as it comes time. So, help me spread the word! I'd love consult with your church, children, clubs, or business! Thanks for hanging in there while I talk about my career! :)

P.S. I got to see my dear friend Cade Ann Smith while I was in D.C.!!! She is in the first picture!


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  3. I could not put my feelings about the certificación at PSOW in better words than yours.... It was such a great experience. Meeting you one of the best. Congratulations and best wishes!

  4. This is wonderful, Faith! I couldn't agree with you more. You are an amazing young woman and I wish you every success and blessing!

  5. I am a 2005 PSOW graduate too. It will most definitely take you places! I had moments when I felt unsure of who I was. Unable to live up to this standard of perfection people will associate you with as an etiquette consultant. Always remember, "“I will hold myself to a standard of GRACE not PERFECTION.” Best of luck in your endeavors. Please keep us all posted!