Thursday, August 2, 2012

Honey on Yo' Face

So, I saw on Pinterest where you could put straight honey on your face as a homemade mask. I, a little skeptical, wasn't sure if I wanted to smear this sticky substance all over my face. Curiosity and no homework got the best of me, so I tried it. Whoa. It feels amazing! When you first apply the honey, it has a warm feeling, very relaxing for a home spa night (insert enthusiasm here). After you leave it on for about thirty minutes, the stickiness goes away. It becomes very soft, like body oil. You simply wash it off with lukewarm water and that's that. My pores seemed smaller and my skin felt super soft. Plus, what can beat the price of honey compared to cosmetic masks? I LOVE this natural method. I'll be using it time and time again.

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