Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Fix to a Fashion Disaster

I have three pairs of flannel pajamas that I wear all winter long. I love them so much! Last night, I had the candles lit while doing homework. Bed time approached and it was time to blow out all of the candles, safety first. I took one pillar I had off a wall sconce and the candle split down the side. Perfect. Wax went everywhere, all over my hands, and yes, all over my favorite pair of flannel pajamas. Let's not forget that it sprayed onto my leather chair, all over a wall, and all of my cookbooks on a shelf. Oh. my. goodness.
I've had to get wax off of furniture and books before, as this is not my first candle disaster. But, clothing, no. For a moment, I thought they were ruined, too much oil in the fabric, on and on and on. I googled how to get the wax out of the clothes. I found that you could place two paper towels one on top and one on bottom of the fabric, then iron the wax out of the clothing with a non-steam iron. It seemed like it wouldn't work, but I was desperate. I tried it, and somehow, success! The paper towels absorbed the wax. I immediately put the pajama set in the washer by itself, and magically, all was anew. I hope you never spill wax all over a clothing item, not to mention one of your faves. Yet if you do, problem solved! For he rest of the household items I mentioned, a hair dryer, soft rag, and butter knife work wonders.

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