Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My First Bridal Appointment: Alabama Chanin

Wedding bells are ringing in my ear all day today. Tomorrow is my first official bridal appointment at Alabama Chanin. For those of you that don't know, Alabama Chanin is Natalie Chanin's company, based out of Florence, Alabama. She uses local artisans to sew 100% organic cotton garments. Hello? I am in heaven just hearing those words. She also does custom wedding gowns, which is the reason for our (Dr.K and I) visit tomorrow. We are embarking on what I feel might be my greatest fashion adventure to date. Fabric, thread, stencils, design, I do not have the words to express my excitement. I cannot wait to see what she has to offer, as my jaw is on the floor even with the thought of it. None of this feels real but I am living it up in bridal land!

Would you like to watch a video about Alabama Chanin? CLICK THIS


  1. How wonderful this is!!! I know it will be beautiful!

  2. good luck with your wedding dress! it is so much fun! if you need a custom wedding veil you can come to me ;)

    love from NYC,

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