Monday, February 4, 2013

Powder Perspective

Spending money on nice makeup seems a double-edged sword. We use it so often, sometimes it feels dreadful to put it on once more. Still, a never ending cycle. I feel conflicted to buy nice powder, but I can tell an obvious difference when I do. Do I drop some serious change on something nice if it makes all the difference? If it makes us feel great about the way we look, why don't we? You get my drift. We need to switch things up a bit, and often. Our aesthetic is SO important.
I love illuminating powder, and recently ran out of mine. Also, it was discontinued, two reasons to buy a new one. I chose Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder in Candlelight, for $32. I wore it out for the first time, with no foundation, and received multiple compliments. This was skipping half of the normal steps in my routine. Worth the money? Hello? Yes! Guess what? A third reason to buy it! It usually takes me a year to use up one of these loose powder jars. That averages $.08 per day, money well spent in my opinion. Sometimes great makeup is worth it, sometimes it's not. It all depends on where YOU want to put your money. Most of all, make sure you're putting some money into your look. Life is about enjoying beauty in the simple things. 

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