Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How To Look Better Than The Thanksgiving Turkey

Picture of me is to show that daily, I try my best to live by the tips I am sharing with you!
Hello to all! After what has been quite the stressful day, posting at the moment is allowing for a little "me time." Well, we've all got a wonderful holiday approaching less than forty-eight hours away. I am truly thankful this holiday season. I have so many blessings I cannot begin to name them all. I hope all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving. Remember to soak up every moment of this wonderful holiday. And, let me add my thanks for all of you readers out there! I am so encouraged by your following.
Maybe some of you already have that special outfit planned for this holiday and maybe some of you haven't even given it a second thought. Lets face it, in between cookin' that turkey, choppin' that celery, and watching football all day, you sometimes don't give a care about your looks. STOP! Just think of the billions of pictures that will be taken of you and, gasp, what's more, they might end up on Facebook! Wouldn't it be grand to have the perfect outfit for those numerous pictures that will be taken? You will feel SO much better if you put some time into your looks especially on the holidays and you won't want to untag yourself. Who knows, there might be a potential profile picture out there somewhere! :) Here are some quick ideas to look snazzy for your Auntie's house and while MawMaw is a snappin' that Polaroid, you'll feel totally at ease.
These tips go for our handsome guys and our gorgeous ladies both!!!!!!!!!

1. Dress in layers-If you are visiting multiple houses throughout the day, be prepared for different temperatures inside the house. I am EXTREMELY hot natured and I cannot stand to feel smothered in a hot sweater when I am inside cooking. JUST THINK AHEAD!
2. Try some dark denim-Nothing dresses up an ordinary look like a nice pair of dark wash jeans. I literally am obsessed with them. You cannot go wrong with a good pair of these and they will last and last. Good places to pick up a pair are TJ Maxx, Gap (my fave), and if you're in for a more pricey brand, try Joe's or Blue Cult (usually available on Clearance at Anthropologie or at many specialty boutiques)
3. Pick a simple shirt and wear a scarf-I like to wear a lightweight cotton shirt such as a v-neck (Hane's mens five pack at Wal-Mart) or a button down with a scarf on top. Scarves are an easy accessory that can be taken on and off quickly. If it bothers you when your cooking, just slip it on for a picture. Then you're look will be remembered as smashing! This makes the outfit look classic and you won't feel as toasty as those freshly baked yeast rolls.
4. Wear your hair simply-I think that ponytails with scarfs are so simply gorgeous. Also, you could try a half-back to avoid having hair all in your face. Just be whimsical.
5. Remember the jewelry-Don't pick your largest accessories if you're going to be using your hands. You always need to wear some jewelry to pull your outfit together. Remember, nobody wants a large cocktail ring as the garnish on their potato salad. :)
6. Men, sweet men, get in there and help your hot mama in the kitchen! I promise she will forever remember your sous chef skills and you might only miss one first down play.
7. Guys, don't forget to shave and I mean it. You know that all your female relatives will think you are so clean cut and a perk is looking totally fresh in all those pictures! This means you too sweet Billy!
8. This would be a perfect time to refresh yourself with the post on belts. What better day to try a new look?
9. Ladies-If you are just dying to wear that perfect sweater, choose a lighter option for your bottom half such as a skirt with some colored tights.
10. Remember to smile and enjoy the day!

Love to all!

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  1. Faith, these are fabulous pointers!! I am already putting together my outfit right this minute! Love ya!