Monday, November 15, 2010

Wrapping for Pennies

Hello, all! Lately, I've noticed a trend in gift wrapping. It seems that many stores are leaning to using the "recycled look" to give gift wrap a new face. For example, Target's brand of gift wrap has a lot of brown craft paper involved in their products. Well, I wanted to come up with a few ideas to show you how you can get a polished look when you've wrapped a present and spent just pennies. Again, I'll throw out one of my mottoes, "Shop the clearance rack!" Also, remember the items that you have at your home. Just look around for the materials you already have on hand. I know some people might be thrown off by having a shopping logo on the reverse side of the wrapping paper. But think about it, what do we do as soon as someone opens the gift? You guessed it, make a huge pile of paper and throw it away. So, that does not really bother me. I like the organic look! Save your shopping bags. You can reuse them for so many things i.e. trying my idea! :) Personally, my main concern is presenting a gift that looks like I put some effort into it. I love shopping for others and putting time into their gift. These are two presents I've given to friends recently for a bachelorette shower and a birthday party. Below is a list of how to and how much I spent.

1.Paper shopping bag (or cheap brown craft paper if you don't save your shopping bags-which you will after reading this I am sure)
2. Piece of scrapbook paper (I bought a big block of paper on sale at Hobby Lobby)-any size is fine but my block was 12 by 12
3.Ribbon or raffia (buying neutral colors means you have more options to use with your scrapbook paper)
4.Tape and scissors (Often just as essential in your home as good ole' s & p) :)

1. Cut down the length of the bag and make the bag flat just like a sheet of wrapping paper
2. depending on box size-cut paper to your needs
3. with design side facing the present-wrap the box just as you normally do
4. Take scrapbook paper and fold flush to sides of top of box (you could also fold a piece of colored tissue paper if you do not have scrapbook paper)
5. use two small pieces of tape to secure paper to box
6. take piece of ribbon and wrap underneath present tying a loop on top-this might take a few tries to make sure that the ribbon can wrap around to the back of the gift
7. Secure ribbon to back of gift with tape
8. Cut small pieces of ribbon and tie on top of knot on front of present
9. if you want, fold small end of ribbon in half and cut downwards to make a V on the end of the ribbon

Also, I used an Anthropologie bag to make the present with the red and cream colors. I asked them for a gift box (which was already brown) and then followed the directions above. I just cut a strips for the cream paper shown and the rest of the bag I trimmed down to use at Christmas) Also, instead of throwing away the red string handles, I pulled the cardboard piece out of them and used them as a tassel tie on the top. I did the math on how much I spent on all of these products and how much I used. Basically, because I bought everything on sale except for the scissors and tape I already had, I wrapped this gift for less than 50 cents. No complaints here and I've saved myself at least $4.00 from buying wrapping supplies at Target every time I need to give a gift.

Sorry my pictures are somewhat askew. I am new to this and still working on my layout! Just follow the directions and I believe you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

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