Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saving Your Ideas for Home Design

Magazine Examples: Southern Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart Living

Book $10 Barnes and Noble

Any type of blank notebook
double sided tape
images from magazines, newspapers, etc.

Ok, I know that all of us get stressed when we are busy. But, honestly, when you think about it, when do you really make time to do something you LOVE everyday? Now I'm not talking about watching television. I mean, how often do you sit down and really focus on something that inspires you? My guess is not that often because I myself get easily distracted.
Well, here is an idea that you can use to calm yourself down. Long ago, I bought a sketch book (ones made for compiled drawing-found at thrift stores, book stores, target etc.) and my purpose for it was to arrange any type of item that caught my eye for the future design of my home. Now, you could use a book like this for any type of jumbled ideas. In mine, I have mostly home things but also some recipes and wedding ideas. Don't limit yourself! I just want you to think ahead and feel inspired! This will take minimal amounts of time and it is easily addicting. You won't believe how relaxed you feel when you catalog something you love. Remember, in the time you take to watch a thirty minute television show, you could've put together 8-10 pages Attached are some pictures of my book. There are paint schemes, house designs, and organizational ideas. I hope you enjoy!

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