Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stellar Stripes

Hey, readers! Hope you all are having a great week. Lately, I have been checking out new trends for Spring 2011. I search for them by browsing magazines, watching the fashion clips on the Today Show, watching What Not to Wear, keeping up with mainstream trends in weekly newspaper ads, etc. Furthermore, I frequently check websites of stores I like to shop. When I notice a coming trend, I figure out if it is one I want to follow. With the trendy item in mind, I go on the hunt. I almost always buy all my clothes on sale. I get quite a bit of satisfaction out of the most bang for my buck.

This coming spring, horizontal stripes will be everywhere. I do love stripes a lot and I try my best to wear them carefully. However, we men and women, must remember that the best way to show off a trend is choosing the right item for your body type. The following sentences will show you a list of some examples that will work for men and women. Option one, go for a horizontal stripe top with skinny jeans, this will help balance a broad pattern with a fitted pant. Second, choose a horizontal stripe cardigan and pair a solid shirt underneath, this will ensure balance if you have a wider frame. Third, if you hate the way horizontal stripes look on your body, go for accessories; choose a striped bag or scarf and pair them with your look.

While browsing around today waiting on my boyfriend, I took some photos of horizontal striped pieces that are perfect selections for the coming season. As you can see, there are already plenty of options stocked for your enjoyment. These pictures are from TJ Maxx and Target. I also checked,, and for some other options. They are there, so just type those in your browser. Guys and girls, hear me out, "You can do this at any age, any size, and any budget!" I am here to prove it to you! I even picked up a orange and white striped tank prevuiously from Aerie (American Eagle) at TJ Maxx for $6.99. Honestly, how much can we really beat ourselves up over a shirt that cost the same as a Burger King meal? Just skip those calories and buy something fabulous! Of course, you could always go for that dollar menu item, no shame there. So, do not think that because you see a trend in a coture fashion magazine that it cannot work for you. Follow the trends you love and if the love is not there, well, head to your nearest BK.

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