Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Polite House Guest

We all want to feel appreciated, don't we? Come on, let that vanity and pride hidden deep down inside of you rise up for a few moments while we have this discussion. I love love love to entertain people. Whenever I host a houseguest, dinner party, or bridal shower, I am in my element. Often, my sweet guests bring me small presents or write darling cards to show their gratitude. I can't lie that it does make me feel appreciated when they show a small gesture of gratitude. I've been to several lovely parties and when I go, I try to pay it forward. I know my mama' would be proud that I passed on one of her traditions. Most often, she was throwin' that tissue paper over those floral dishtowels, tying on some raffia and shoveling us out the door to just one of those many occasions. I guess I always like to think of that saying, "You never know what a change you can make in someone else's life." Sharing my passions with others while brightening their day can make a big difference! Hope all of you consider these tips the next time someone graciously invites you into their home. Don't forget to let them know they're loved! Have a perfect week!

1. Times to take a small gift: Spending the night at another's home, dinner party, bridal shower hosted for you, baby shower hosted for you

2. After any of the above occasions, you can and probably should write a small note to let the hostess know what you really enjoyed about the time you spent in their home. What was your favorite thing about the food? Their home? Memory?

3. Types of small tokens just to name a few: A baked good, candle, dishtowels, small book, or plant will all do just fine. Usually, it is something that is used specifically within the home.

4. If you are sleeping over, be neat! Make your bed, place towels in the laundry, don't throw your stuff about as if you're in a mad rage.

5. Return the favor by making sure that you invite that person into your home in the future. It might be awhile before you can do so, but you should remember that they've gone out of their way for you!

P.S. Pictured above are some napkins I've sewn. I recently gave these away as a gift!

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