Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When Sweet Friends Get Married

This past weekend, I completed my seventh wedding as a bridesmaid. In less than two weeks, make that eight. When I look back at these pictures, I am flooded with emotions. I cannot believe how time is passing me by. As you've probably guessed, I'm in a sentimental mood tonight. I believe it is one of the highest honors in life to have a woman ask you to stand with her on her wedding day. It means so many things, love, confidence, security, and encouragement. With that said, here's a few words about being a bridesmaid and getting it right. I sure hope I have!
You, yes you. You've been chosen. You are the chosen one; well, at least one of them. It's not all about you. It's all about her. This is her day and don't you forget it. Do everything you can to make it right. Now you're an assistant to help them handle the tasks of the perfect day. Soon, you'll be in charge of folding envelopes, providing extra bobby pins, and making sure you've got on the right earrings. Was that 508 Court Street for the bridesmaid's luncheon? Oh Lord, where are your Spanx? If you must, run to Walgreens at midnight for your waterproof mascara. I'd be ashamed if you showed up without an extra lip liner and bandaids, too. You've got to put on your big girl panties and be a real woman. Be strong, you've got responsibilities. It's time to put away those towels and throw a bridal shower. Did you ask for red velvet cupcakes or german chocolate instead? Once the big day finally arrives, I expect that you'll be in tip top shape. Better be trying that dress on every now and then. If it's hard to zip, just slide some ribbon through the zipper pull and you're off to a good start. Besides sucking in, that's all the help I can offer. Watch out, only professionals need to be zipping that thing. Granny might not be able to see that she's zipped up your skin. Don't you remember that she had glaucoma surgery last year? Where did the ring pillow go? You better be in charge of that. Don't you dare misplace his ring. The photographer will be needing it in just a few minutes. Go ahead and put the honeymoon luggage in the car when the bride arrives. We won't be sending off our southern belle without her birds and the bees book. You're going to be with her in those final minutes of the day she's been dreaming of all of her life. Watch her when she's leaving for her special moment with her man. She'll be happier than you've ever seen. You'll get to hear all the details and see those precious moments when they're simply unfolding in front of your eyes. It is all such a blessing to stop and enjoy. Many times, you'll hear her say it's all a blur. Well, I bet you already guessed, another job is to make sure it isn't. Put those feet together in all the pictures, check for lipstick on your teeth, and tilt your head slightly to the left. On your ride home, reminisce on what you'll tell her when she gets back from the honeymoon. Recall those few seconds when you almost ruined your makeup. Those will be the things you laugh about when she's just had her first baby. Sure you'll chit chat about the wedding through the many years, but you don't realize how much you'll cherish these simple memories. When your day's been long, you can rest your head on happy thoughts with those you love the most. As for me, I've been in your winter weddings, summer weddings, and spring ones, too. I see that all of you have left a dream fall wedding just for me. You are one of the most precious and genuine people I'll ever meet. Don't even get me started on how many memories we have together. I know that I'll stay friends with you for a lifetime! If you ever need to borrow your cute dress, need help with makeup shades or hair, just give me a call. I've become an expert since I spent your special day with you. I've also still got those great shoes that go with anything. Size 10, you said? Don't worry, I won't tell anyone what we talked about at your lingerie shower. I love you just that much. As if your wedding wasn't already fabulous enough, I'm showing you off to the blog world. Along with your time in the spotlight, here are the top ten reasons it was great to be your bridesmaid:
1.) You picked me, and no, I didn't forget that I was the only bridesmaid. It's o.k., deep down, we both know that I'm your favorite.
2.) You got it right. Was it the man, the venue, or the dress you wore? All of it I know was just as you wished.
3.) You let me bring my knight in shining armor along, too.
4.) You got me that really nice bridesmaid's gift.
5.) You remembered to say thank you and I love you at that.
6.) You invited me over to your home when things had "settled down a bit."
7.) You remembered that one ridiculous time we had together and reminded me of it at your bridesmaid's luncheon.
8.) You never lost sight of what was most important about your special day.
9.) You kept it together just as I knew you would.
10.) Did I mention you picked me?

Pictured above: Laura Chism, Gene Ellen Holt, Jaclyn Elkins "Garner", Sarabeth Bowen, Briana Butler, Katie Beth McBay, Brianne Johnson, Abby Carpenter

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  1. I love being a bridesmaid! It is one of the highest honors as a friend. You've described it perfectly. <3 You are so loved to have so many women choose you on their special day!

    <3 Lisa