Sunday, August 14, 2011

Billy's College Bratwurst

I love my man. I love him because he can cook. As I am writing this recipe, my mouth is watering because I want one of these so badly right now. These things are so stinkin' good and perfect for hangout parties! And alas, I'm afraid that anoher football season is yet upon us. Of course, you better be cooking for all those men that will randomly arrive at your home early on Saturday morning. Throughout college, Billy cooked these bratwurst for me. We used to spend fun nights stuffing our faces and watching movies, musicals, of course. So, as you see, they are perfect for The Sound of Music or ESPN enjoyers alike. Cook these with some Ore Ida sweet potato fries and you'll be fat and happy in no time. Anyway, let me stop rambling and share this deliciousness with you. Enjoy!
1.) 1 tbsp. Olive oil
2.) 1 red bell pepper
3.) 1 yellow bell pepper
4.) 1 large yellow onion
5.) 8 uncooked bratwurst -we use Hillshire Farm
6.) 1 pkg. Hotdog buns
7.) Garnish: dill pickle spears and mustard
1.) Heat olive oil in skillet on medium high. Chop all vegetables and sautee in oil to desired tenderness.
2.) Grill bratwurst on grill or flat top grill until thoroughly cooked. They will be plump and skin will look like it is ready to pop.
3.) Add brats and top with veggies, mustard, and pickles.
4.) No fear, nom nom nom sound will ensue shortly.

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