Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Three B's For Her!

Three B's for her? No, sorry guys I'm not talking bra sizes today. It's all about black, brown, and blue, beautiful in all their bounty. Color is the key to a great wardrobe, but what about using three simple palettes to make a classic combination? Yes, oh yes, it can be easily done. It's a one, two, three step process. Repeat this self-coined saying as you enter your closet: toss a skirt on here, a shirt on there, and off with a belt I go. Tonight while searching Pinterest, I saw this beautiful outfit arrangement. It reminded me of an outfit I'd worn a few weeks ago to a birthday party. Vanity, I declare, a brief moment of vanity struck me in that moment. When it comes to fashion, what can't I get enough of? Seriously, one of my favorite things would be these three colors mixed together. Think of the endless options! I'm almost moved to tears at how awesome my friends would look in an outfit using these shades. Anyway, I felt quite flattered when we left the restaurant because a girl took a picture of my outfit (pictured above) with her cellphone. If that doesn't pick a woman up I don't know what will. Don't be thinking you can't wear this because you SO can! The lace skirt I'm wearing is a vintage Laura Ashley piece belonging to the closet of none other than Dr. K! The shirt is from JCREW outlet and the belt from clearance at Anthropologie. The perks of this color combination are many. Each piece is a neutral, all can be worn year round (sells me on many an item) and they mix well for a variety of occasions. I used to shy away of placing black with brown, and throwing denim in for that matter. However, one day I woke up, went to my closet, and decided to be bold because there is just no other way for me to survive. It must've been in the stars for me to write this blog tonight because while strolling through Target for shampoo I saw a pair of $8.00 leggings that I knew would look fabulous with a denim shirt and brown belt at the waist. How cute could you be in that? I didn't buy the leggings because I have a pair that I purchased there several years ago. Yes, I'm pleased to say that they are still holding up and holding on! When you get dressed in the morning and look at your fabulousness in the mirror, think of me cheering you on with the one letter you need to remember, B! "Give me a B," I say! Like my Mama always says in true southern fashion , "If you've got it, flaunt it." Well, we've all got that beauty in us and I'm waiting on you to make me proud.

Images: chictopia.com, pinterest.com, polyvore.com

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