Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Coffee Love

Where would I be every morning without coffee? I am head over heels for it. I'm usually a Folgers girl, but I love most any blend that's brown and smooth. From iced to piping hot, I'll give it a try. What I really need for Christmas is a Keurig coffee maker. I lust over them every single time I see one. My bestest buddies have one and I cannot get enough. There are too many flavors and choices. You don't want cappuccino today? That's alright, try Nantucket Blend instead. How kind are these people? They let me have some of their glorious brew each time I visit. So, be kind and generous this Christmas. Open up your wallet and contribute to making my dream come true. And...have I yet to mention that I have a barista bff? She knows all about these concoctions and makes one killer iced cup of joe. Oh, if only she weren't six hours away.

I shared the recipe for good ole' coffee punch on here a few months ago. But, again, mix hot coffee and coffee ice cream together, and you're done. Moreover, when you add coffee to one of life's greatest pleasures, food, you can't lose. In Franklin, TN, there is a steakhouse called Stoney River Legendary Steaks. When I first drove by there, Billy, Dr. K and I laughed about it. We thought it pretty bold to write legendary steaks on a huge sign. Well, curiosity got the best of us and we just had to take a look. What can I say but wow, oh wow. It is a beautiful restaurant with even prettier food. They had a coffee cured filet that was out of this world. I was going crazy over it and Billy was, too. If you ever get a chance to soak up all that Franklin has to offer, make sure to give it a try. It is definitely the perfect place for a hot date.
1726 Galleria Boulevard
Franklin, TN 37067-6210

Next up, we've got a chocolate and coffee combination to talk about. Sometimes when I serve guests, I make coffee and place three things on top: whipped cream, cinnamon and cocoa powder. You can mix a couple of tablespoons of cinnamon and cocoa powder together with a spoon and sift them lightly over the top. It makes a yummy combination and a beautiful presentation for your friends!

Oh, let's just get crazy and talk about a fourth coffee obsession, a super easy recipe that goes perfectly with a cup. This recipe is courtesy of Martha Sibley (slightly modified). Enjoy and Happy Wednesday!

Orange Breakfast Ring:

1 package softened cream cheese
1/2 cup sugar
1 tbsp. fresh orange peel
2 packages crescent rolls
1/3 cup chopped pecans or almonds
1 tbsp. fresh orange juice
1/2 cup confectioner's sugar

1.) Beat cream cheese, sugar, and orange peel until well blended.
2.) Press crescent rolls flat in a square shape across a baking sheet. Pinch together seams.
3.) Spread out cream cheese mixture onto rolls, and sprinkle almonds on top.
4.) Roll the entire square into a round roll.
5.) Form the roll into a ring and press two ends together to make a circle.
6.) With a knife, cut a few small air pockets on the top of the rolls.
7.) Bake at 350 for 18-20 minutes until golden brown. While in the oven, make a paste with the confectioner's sugar and orange juice. When ring has cooled somewhat, place it onto a serving plate and pour the icing paste on top. Add additional nuts if needed.

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