Thursday, January 5, 2012

No More Sloppies

Today is a day for change. It's just a couple of days into the New Year, so if you start out to make a change and don't keep up, you won't feel so much like a failure. I've debated about doing a bold post like this for quite awhile. I am calling people out, because we can have this no more. I've already challenged you with an easy post in, New Year's Nails, so, today, I'm taking it one step further. While I was out and about over the Christmas holidays running my last minute errands, I saw some beautiful people in some awful outfits. Frankly, I'd like to forget about some that I've seen.

Why am I at this very moment still debating about this post? Because I want to instruct without offending. That is my business, constructive criticism. Thus, I'm sure you'll see me clearly through this.

There are an alarming number of sloppy sightings to be seen in our great state of Alabama. Come on people, we already have enough stereotyped problems. Get with the program. I am SICK of seeing BEAUTIFUL and FIT girls my age dressing like they are homeless. You don't need to go out in town with a 3x t-shirt, tights, uggs, and a super expensive handbag. If you love all of these things, find a way to do them in a BETTER way. How about a nice printed t-shirt under a cardigan? Uggs with skinny jeans, anyone? Have we ever heard of tights with a denim skirt? Who cares if you fix your hair and make-up? Nobody can see the whole you because you are hiding in your sloppiness. This makes me ill. Attention: THIS IS NOT THE TREND TO FOLLOW!!!! How many times do I have older people say, "Wear this while you are young," or, "Make sure to do this while you are young?" Well, let me assure you, young looks are wasted on some of the wrong people from what I have seen.

It strikes me odd that I often see mothers dressed to the nines with their college-age daughters trailing along the designer clothes section. How weird is this? You many have the money to buy your full-priced $178 cashmere sweater off the rack to wear it for New Year's, but heaven forbid you'll bring it out again for an 8 a.m. class. Ridiculous! Why will I forever be on a rant about this? I will be because I know that there is a better way to be. Why do young women insist on this "fad"? Who knows! These clothes are for hanging around in your apartment, cooking dinner, and watching movies. THAT IS ALL. You are not doing the best you can by jumping on the sloppy band wagon. You are not any cooler, any prettier, or any sexier in that 4X Hanes get-up. Are you going to look back at pictures of yourselves in your college years and say, "I am so glad I wore my t-shirt to that dinner party?" NO! Be yourself. Come out of the stereotyped t-shirt and legging trend and put on all those other beautiful garments that you own. I guarantee you that your best self isn't a sloppy self if you really thought about it. Have some pride and share it with the world. No more sloppies, I say!

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