Friday, January 27, 2012

Happening Hoisery

This blog is a three step process.
First See These:

Then Watch This:
Hot Legs by Rod Stewart
See those fishnets in the music video? That is right, my friends. Rod Stewart knows about women's tights and he's not afraid to tell us all about it.

Then Read This:

A dear friend posed a question to me over the past weekend. Are funky tights professional for work? My answer: ABSOLUTELY YES!
What better way for a woman to show off than with stylish stockings? I took these very pictures for you this morning before work at 5:30 a.m., if that isn't love, I don't know what is. Please understand that you can do this, too! You might still be thinking, "I'd never be able to wear that to my job," or "I won't look good in that." Read this: NO! You CAN and you WILL! My outfit is a mere example of all the possibilities. I wore a blue polka-dot dress, black fishnets with polka-dots, a black cardigan, and brown/gray toned booties. Forget "matching," it doesn't work like that anymore. Make things "go" together instead.
Many might still be wondering how can this be accomplished yet still work appropriate? With the right color combinations, of course. Pick solid tights in work appropriate colors or or neutral prints like polka dots or fishnet.
If the tights are a neutral color with a design, for example, fishnet, wear anything you wish with them.
If they are a subtle colored print, like argyle, try a neutral skirt or dress. Choose the least obvious color in the tight print and pair a cardigan or top with the dress or skirt. See what I mean? It is all about making the not so obvious come to life.
Choosing to be bold and take on this fashion staple will ensure a super-de-dooper pulled together look at ANY budget. You can wear tights at any age because these days, there are way too many options for you to be making excuses.
And, before I let you go, I want to see those tights with whatever you've got to strut. Boots, booties, heels, mary janes, flats, anything goes. The work world has got to get away from the blah blah blah business get-up. Make your look reflect you. You're happening, so show it off! If any naysayer starts harping on you, send them to me. I'll be happy to defend you, hot legs.

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