Saturday, January 7, 2012


I would argue that there are few women in the world that love Anthropologie as much as I do. Someone once asked my friend Sarabeth, "What kind of wedding do you think Faith will have?" Her response, "You know, an Anthropologie one!" I L.O.V.E. that answer! Anthropologie has a vintage mod design, which many of you know is right up my alley. I am obsessed with trips there. Many times, I don't buy anything. There's just something extra special about looking at their pretty things. I can momentarily let go of life and focus solely on the three things I love: cooking, fashion, and home design. Are we ringing any bells here? :) Maybe it's the knowing that they have all three of those things under one roof, cookbooks, clothes, and curtains galore. Although I am quite fond of this establishment, I don't want to pay the price on some of their items, being bargain savvy, of course. Recently, I found these lovely glass and brass combo jars for $24, a little to steep for me considering their small size. So, how about this beautiful and PRACTICALLY IDENTICAL copy from Target Shabby Chic for $14? A more reasonable price and very few differences, indeed. Although I haven't bought these Target jars, yet, I am considering spending my Christmas giftcard on them. A little looking around and creativity is all it takes. Can you decorate your home with an Anthropologie look for less? YES! Can you also buy beautiful Anthropologie items on sale? YES! After Christmas, I scored four of these latte bowls for $1.50 each with a giftcard! Most thrift stores don't even sell bowls for $1.50! You can also sign up for free catalogs from them and other great home stores such as Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Arhaus, and Ballard Designs. Use your eyes, God didn't give you sight to overlook the overwhelming bounty of design!
Quick Recap: Don't shy away from a more expensive store because you think your home decor budget cannot afford it. Plenty of sales and inspiration can be had. YOUR creativity is FREE!

P.S. Thanks to my sweet Billy for helping me put Target and Anthropologie together! I've got a great one!


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