Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Five Foodie Faves

Lately, I've been on a roll of trying new foods. New healthy foods to be exact. I am easing slowly into this trend and venturing where I have not been before. Hummus? No. Greek yougurt? Yes. I am hooked on a few things especially, which must be discussed in detail:
1.) Naked Fruit Smoothies: Totally worth the expense. Fruit in a bottle and out of this world. My favorite Naked smoothies are Berry Blast and Reduced Calorie Tropical. I find myself drinking these for a meal and they are excellent. So far, no luck buying them at Wal-Mart, only Super Target and Whole Foods. So, us locals need not go searching, unless we wander to Huntsville or Birmingham. Oh, the perks of small town loveliness.
2.) Greek Yogurt: I am endearing to my new best friend greek yogurt. I love OIKOS Honey, OIKOS Vanilla, and Fage. Straight from the doctor's mouth, Dr. K is endorsing my consumption of this. It has great protein which keeps you full. It is thick, flavorful, and low on calories. Located in every yogurt section I've seen. I'm hooked.
3.) Annie's Chocolate and Vanilla Bunnies: If you know me, you know that cereal is my thing. These little gems are excellent and make me feel like I'm five every morning. Now might be a good time to mention that I debated on whether or not to take a picture of ALL of these items in the store, but I opted for internet ones, because you never know what crazies are going to stop you for whatever the reason. And...by the time I got home, well, I had already snacked on some. Whoops! Get some skim milk while your at it. Buy them where you please.
4.) Horizon Milk: Don't even get me started on my love for organic milk. Their skim brand is thick, creamy, and overall divine. Worth the money and lasts MUCH longer than regular. Kroger often has their little boxes 10 for $10. You better believe I'm tracking those down.
5.) Justin's Almond Butter: This stuff is great, yet pricey. Many places have sample packs and I usually get two servings out of one of those. There are many flavors and so far, I like plain almond butter best. Less cholesterol and good for your skin. Can't we all agree that these are great?

Please try new things, for your own sake! I hope you enjoy some of my foodie faves! Let me know yours, too!

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