Thursday, February 2, 2012

Start Sorting

This winter has turned out to be one of the weirdest ones I can remember. Back in September, I hauled out my winter clothes early. I couldn't wait for scarves, sweaters, boots, and tights. I'm one of those people that gets so excited about cold weather that I start mixing in warmer pieces as soon as possible. I'm putting on tights with shorts, turtlenecks under dresses, you get the idea.
Much to my disappointment, I have not been able to wear most of my heavy duty get-ups. I'm bundled up on a Monday and Tuesday through Friday, I'm in short sleeves. I can't decide whether to iron clothes out of my winter stock pile or sort through my spring storage.
Last night, this struggle got the best of me. I did an entire revamp of my closet. I organized shirts, cardigans, dresses, skirts, and pants all in categories. I ironed everything that needed ironing (WHEW!) and folded what needed to be folded. I took out old things I don't wear to sell on Ebay or give away. It was a chore, but the satisfaction of it all had me on cloud nine. I wish people realized how much I love to organize wardrobes. When they say, "I wish you could come help me with my closet," I can't convince them of how much that would thrill me. I'd have people catwalking all kinds of outfits around their house. I'd show them what should and should not stay. I'm typing faster and faster at even the thought of sorting and styling someone on a complete revamp like this. I put friend's ensembles together here and there, and it is a thrill. As weird as it sounds, I try to rarely wear the same thing twice and I tell other people to do the same. I don't shop every week, I just buy smart. Let's say you've got two skirts, two cardigans, and two blouses all in neutrals that GO together. That's several outfits right there with only six pieces (SB, help me with math, here!). I think it's eight outfits from what I can figure. Less is more! You've got eight work week outfits right there. Think about adding two more pieces of each of those items and magicaly, half a month's ensembles are ready! Focus on building an outfit from start to finish every single day. Don't keep going back to the same combinations over and over each Monday. And, P.S. I am writing these positive words to gear up for my first class at Drake State which is: Obtaining an Excellent Image on February 17th!
I am guilty of not always having every little item prim and propper in my closet. I find things I've been missing. I find things that go with other things. I realize I can make more and more outfits with fewer and fewer items. "Out with the clutter," I say!
I try to re-organize at the start of every season. Although the warm weather got the best of me this year, I had a lightbulb moment. It really isn't the changing of the season that's got me in the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day mood. Instead, I'm focusing really hard on what I'll take with me to Huntsville physically and mentally. I've got to be practicing what I preach, above all.
Has it been years since you sorted? Are you clinging to clothes from middle school? You've got to let go of wardrobe clutter to look your best. Make time for yourself. Be functional, practical, and fabulous in one pretty package. If whipping your closet into shape saves you ten minutes in the morning, then so be it. You'll save precious time not trying things on, taking them off, and throwing them back on the stack. This can be an evening project or a weekend one at that. If you have a shared closet, then you have all the more reason to start fresh. Reward yourself with your hard work. Please do what you must to make your life easier and if all else fails, call the closet clothes horse.

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