Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Five Must-Do's

Five things you can do right now to boost your self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, whatever you wish to call it:

It's not cheesy. It's not something you can accomplish later. It's a START to the PROCESS. It's now.

1.) Confront the negative: Use your words to tell others that are hurting you to stop. Make it a positive interaction such as, "It will help me if you..." Don't beat around the bush. Say what you mean and get it over with. The sooner the better for your own sake.

2.) Focus on your features: Look in the mirror and decide on your best physical and mental features. Every time you see yourself, car, store, house, look at that feature and embrace it. It is good to see your own beauty. Stop looking at your "worst first." Doing so will never get you anywhere. Have a positive ego, not overt and not vain.

3.) Stop laughing about it: Stop laughing off your insecurities. Making jokes about your brains, looks, etc. is useless. Laughing and joking about your thighs doesn't make them shrink. Ger serious about why you're laughing and work on it. Ready, set, go.

4.) Have your security items: Men AND women have beauty products that enhance self-security. Keep a small bag of these things with you at all times. Then, those confidence boosters, lipgloss, body spray, or chapstick are always there to help you. No more, "I would do this but I don't have that," shall be had. You know you like yourself when your primping, enjoy it more often.

5.) Make a change: Outfit, make-up, hair, shoes, location, lifestyle, what can you not do? Mark Twain once said, "As I see it, there is nothing that cannot happen today." Change is often inexpensive, once you make the small effort to get the ball rolling.

Life is not about when you will do things rather, how.

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