Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Massive Mattress

This picture is hilarious to me in so many ways. I am striving for an industrial slash shabby chic decor. I want a mix of old and new, so here's the story of this ensemble.
This white iron bed belonged to my great-grandmother. It was her very first piece of furniture and has held up to say the least. This full size bed is a little snug for me at an inch less than six feet tall. Dr. K says, "Well, people were shorter one-hundred years ago." Although its a close fit, I love this bed because of its sentimentality.
I needed a box springs and mattress to go with it. So, the clearance shopper headed out to find a good one on sale. I bought this one in Huntsville and it arrived today. Dr. K says, "They didn't have pillow toppers one-hundred years ago." Haha! She has truth in every word. We have laughed and laughed about this, because I can give people Swiss Alps tours from this view. If you come visit me, it will be a $1.00 charge for the snow white mountain top tour.
I'm not worried about making things work because they will work out on their own. It's all a fun process and I don't want it to end. Design is after all, what you make it.

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