Friday, November 16, 2012

I Needed My Purse

I'm one of those women that loves purses. I've been called Mary Poppins several times because I strive to be that woman, the one who has anything that could remotely be purse worthy. I've got those treasure items that everyone wants but never seems to have, bandaids, nail clippers, lotion, hand gel, and snacks. Although I strive to be that handbag wonder woman, there are days that I simply forget it for whatever reason. No more Faith, no more. Why do I think I can just take my keys and license thinking that will be enough? No sir. No ma'am. WAKE-UP WOMAN! That's how I have to talk to myself. A handbag is the woman's right hand man. The ultimate, I need this item. I'm blogging this to beat it into my head, I do need my purse, every single day. Grabbing the keys, the license and a $10 is not sufficient for a milk run. I had one of those, "I cannot believe I did that," very days just last week, leaving home in a rainy rush, I didn't grab my purse. This was so frustrating! All of these things happened before I could return home to get it:

1. Where was the umbrella? In my purse.
2. Lips chapped.
3. Hands dry.
4. An hour after arriving at work, got the most splitting headache. No Advil.
5. No money to buy a coke to attempt to help my head.
6. Had to stay late at work, no money for food.
7. Someone asked for my etiquette business card on my lunch break. Didn't have one to give.
8. Forgot an item for a co-worker to borrow, guess where?
9. Friend's birthday, no money to pay for a gift.
10. Needed to mail a bill, stamps in purse.
11. Saw several friends, no lipstick.
12. Watch left in purse.
13. Phone in purse. Missed calls and texts.
14. Coupons and grocery list for dinner, don't have them.
15. Giftcard to get a makeup item? Nope.
16. Extra key to get to Billy's to use the printer, who needs that?
17. Had no band aid for a cut on my finger.
18. Gas light comes on on the way to work.

Take the purse.

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