Sunday, June 19, 2011

All Things in Elegance

Whether entertaining others or giving a special gift, it is important to let others know you care. It sounds cheesy, but small details make the biggest difference. The perfect compliment to a wrapped gift or place setting is one of these small handmade cards. I know what you're thinking, I'm so glad Faith is here to show me how easy it is! :) If you haven't already deduced how to do it, follow these extremely simple instructions to create the perfect cards for any occasion. Slide them under a crisply wrapped gift or write names on them for dinner guests. I assure you that others will notice your fine attention to detail.
You Will Need:
1.) Letter opener or in my case a fettling-knife (a bookbinding tool I own)
2.) Medium grade/weight cardstock of any color
3.) Stamp of any kind
4.) Ink Pad of any color
1.) Fold cardstock in half and make a sharp defined crease.
2.) With your fold against the outer edge of the table, use your letter opener to tear the paper in half (as shown in picture). Continue to fold and tear the paper until it is at the desired size. To give you an idea, I had to tear and fold the paper six times to get it into the size I needed. It sounds confusing but, just be conscious of your desired folded size and you're good.
3. Once you have the amount of squares you need, fold them sharply in half. Tearing the paper with the letter opener will make a feathered edge. The side of the paper that has the most feathered edges is where you should make a stamp in one corner if you're making a place card. If you're making a greeting card, stamp the card in the middle. Using the feathered-edge gives the cards a delicate look.
4.) Allow to dry and you're finished!

Hope all of you have an excellent week!

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