Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lemons, Magnolias, and a Spritz of Cold Water

I love sweet magnolias. They smell heavenly and their colors are divine. Most of us southerners have a magnolia tree in our yard or a precious friend who would kindly let us steal a few. For those of you that don’t, a fake magnolia could be used for this project.
A few weeks ago, I needed a centerpiece for a bridal shower. So, I walked around my yard to brainstorm ideas for a simple tablescape. When my eyes landed on this fabulous magnolia (pictured above), I snatched it down along with a couple of extra leaves and got to work. Using a clear cake plate, I poured a small amount of cold water on the bottom to keep the centerpiece fresh. Then, I layered the magnolia leaves and lemons around the edge of the plate. I gently ran cold water over the magnolia while cleaning off the stem with a knife. Making sure that water on the plate touched the stem, I placed it in the middle of the leaves and lemons. This centerpiece works best if arranged just before guests arrive. To compliment this arrangement, I used two canisters filled with lemons, fig leaves, and water. I finished them off by tying blue ribbons around the middle. The simple green, white, and yellow palate worked perfectly for this occasion. The blue ribbon was used to compliment her wedding colors. I encourage you to use things you’ve grown to add that extra special southern charm. I hope you’re inspired to try an arrangement like this the next time you need one.
Happy decorating!

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