Friday, June 17, 2011

Looking Hotter Than It Feels Outside

It is no lie that summer in the south is, "Hotter than Crisco in a cast iron skillet." Well my friends, although there is no truer statement, the scorching heat is no excuse to let ourselves go when we are called to a casual outing. From lunch with a friend to a couple's shower, this simple outfit suggestion will get you through any occasion in this swelterin' weather. When it's hot out, we want to be as cool as possible. Therefore, dressing in THIN layers is the perfect option to looking pulled together and maintaining a fresh appearance. Consider layering two very thin tank tops or t-shirts with different cuts and patterns. Above is a picture of me with a striped tank in a straight cut and a racerback orange tunic on top. Even though I have my pattern underneath my solid, the orange is still visually interesting because there are outside seams around the whole shirt. Plus, these seams elongate the upper body which always helps. Another hint is to wear 100% cotton, the breeziest option out there. The only thing left to do is throw on some skinny jeans or shorts, add jewelry and a good wedge sandal. You're good to go for the weekend so, get dressed and I'll meet you at the grill! Have a great weekend and remember to work it where ever you go!
P.S. Men, I didn't forget about you. Check out these pictures of layered tees and don't forget about cotton and linen as your best choices. If you want me to really approve, go with v-necks! You silly boys always have it easier anyway. Just wake up, throw on pants and a shirt, and head out the door. Why you don't have to accessorize, fix your hair, put on make-up, and find a decent handbag, I'll never know.
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