Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scrub to Smooth

Um...hello? It is so hot outside. This means shaving my legs every day, taking twenty extra minutes at bath time. No more. This Kiehl's body polish is all I need. The last thing I do in the shower is shave my legs. I then use this body scrub ($8.00 at Dillard's in Huntsville, Belk and Saks in Birmingham, or at, only has giant size for $29 and that could well last you a lifetime) to smooth away dead skin. My legs stay soft longer, as in forty-eight hours instead of twenty-four. Ladies, this is all worth it to me. Of course, I use the cheap body scrubs, and they are great, too. This tube has lasted me since the end of February, why I am just now blogging on it, who knows. I would eat this stuff if I could, it smells DIVINE! I also use it as a face scrub in the summer when guess what else, my bff acne is bad. I cannot say enough good things about it, much less the power of scrubbing your legs after you've shaved, plus lotion on top. It works wonders! 

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