Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Those Things You Say

Well, I'm out of my hermit hole for a couple of days. I spent the entire rainy Tuesday studying for a mediation exam! Whew! Now, to catch up.

Below is a NOVEL chain of events, plain and simple. People are getting themselves into way too much trouble these days with the things they say. These "things we should not say" might not catch us at that one moment, but they will quickly cross us off the invitation list to whatever social occasions we once frequented. It's when we don't say what we shouldn't say that makes us look our best.

  • When someone asks you if you'd like something, such as, "Faith, would you like a drink? We have Diet Dr. Pepper and Sweet Tea." 
  • Faith's appropriate reply should be: "Yes, please. I will take some tea. Thank you. You don't have to wait on me."  
  • Faith might think, "I hate those two drinks," but she does not say this to her host, it is extremely rude
  • Faith takes what she is offered and is grateful for it.
  • Faith NEVER asks for something else not mentioned. 
  • Faith also NEVER says, "I don't like those, I only like Mountain Dew."
  • Faith then goes to assist with the drink. She does not wait for someone to wait on her. 
  • Faith takes the drink, says, "Thank you," again and continues with the party. 
  • People see Faith as a kind guest. 
  • They are likely to invite Faith back again.

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