Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reflect and Repose Equals Reinvent

It's 9/11. A day that brings pain to us in so many ways. Still, it is a day every year I try to remind myself of these three r's. It's often hard to look back on life and think of why we are where we are. First, we need to reflect, even when it is hard on our confidence. People have hurt us and we've hurt them. We need to tell ourselves we are wrong, and admit it. We need to tell others when they've wronged us. Awkward, but often necessary. Everyday I have to tell myself a million times that I am wrong and it is such a shot to my pride! I'm literally down for the count at 7:08 p.m. with the mere thought of it. I don't want to reflect on my mistakes, or other's, but it's not all about what I want.

Next, we need to repose. Isn't it weird how after a tragedy hits the news, it hurts us, and then we act like it never existed? This "forgetting" is necessary for human survival, still, it pangs us to realize we've forgotten some important moment of life. Driving to work this morning, it hurt me to realize it was 9/11 and I in my morning coffee rush had forgotten it's significance. We have to repose, i.e. rest or relax. We need that pause. Stop Faith, coffee can wait. We need that moment of justification. We need the simple things. We don't have to forget. We just need to remember how good we've got it.

Finally, we have to reinvent. When I teach etiquette, I honestly get tired of people telling me they cannot wear this or do that anymore. "I'm too old for this." Are you alive? Yes. Then you're not too old. You're never too old to reinvent what needs reinvention. Relationship? House? Wardrobe? Make-up? Cooking skills? On and on and on? If we really want change, we will find a way. Our lives are too short for the can and not long enough for the will.

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