Friday, May 11, 2012

The Boudoir

Well, today's the big day, all of you readers get to see what my bedroom looks like. When I decorate rooms, I don't have a game plan going in. I just find what feels right and make it happen. To me, this is the most comforting aspect of decorating. I'm not a matchy matchy person, as we've discussed. I like the eclectic look. I hope you have a great weekend, If you're in the mood, I'll tell you all about it:
1.) Nightstands: Metal, Fuchsia, Brimfield Bookcase, Urban Outfitters, $79 each.
2.) Lamps: Sample sale, Pottery Barn.
3.) Bed: Although you cannot see it, this is a white wrought iron bed that belonged to my great grandmother. It's a full bed, but I love it!
4.) Polka-dot sheet set, TJ Maxx.
5.) Euro shams, clearance, Land's End.
6.) Purple matelasse blanket, Matelasse is just a design, like a diamond weave, but I love the sophisticated word instead. :)
7.) Duvet cover, a birthday present from long ago. Yes, I ask for duvets for my birthday, Pottery Barn.
8.) Wall collage, or as I like to call it, a conglomeration meaningful pictures. My favorite is Dr. K right there in the middle. Oh my goodness, priceless! I've also got the famous "kissing picture," $12.00 TJ Maxx, a picture with my man in his Marine Corp uniform <3, and my dog, Bonnie. Peeps, if you want to do a wall collage, do it. It doesn't have to be perfectly aligned. Sometimes I lay things out on the floor before I do them, but this time I did not. I like the big "swoosh" effect it has over the bed, like a giant headboard. I've got my own terms for these things.
9.) On the far right corner, I've got my room spray and a candle, of course.

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