Thursday, May 3, 2012

Matching Smatching

My first semester of grad school is over and I am so relieved. Hallelujah!

On another note, if you aren't already aware, don't match your shoes to your clothes. No matter what age you are, this is considered dated. For example, white dress need not white shoes.  Try as hard as you can to not color coordinate your look from head to toe. This is so simple to do, yet, I see people still wearing it all the time. Having a mix of colors brings visual interest to your outfits. Let's say you have a black dress and want to wear black shoes. If you choose this, you need bold color elsewhere, in a bag, scarf, or jewelry. Otherwise, your outfit tone is muted. Don't be afraid to stand out!
Guys need not match suits to shoes either. Gray goes with camel, black goes with camel, you get the idea. Yes, gray still goes with black, yada, yada, yada, but look how much fun this guy appears! Match your belt to your shoes and you're good to go.

"Clothes don't match, they go," I say. Think it through before you head out the door.

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