Friday, May 18, 2012

Funfetti Popcorn

Not long ago, I made what I dubbed Funfetti Popcorn for a bridal shower. People ate more of it than anything else! It is heaven, I tell you. A friend had shared a "bunny popcorn" recipe with me. It has M and M's, pretzels, and such. Although it sounds lovely, for my afternoon shower, I needed something on the not so sweet side. Thus, I threw together something similar. Read my Popcorn Perfecto if you haven't already.
Here's all you need:
1.) Orville Redenbacher's Tender White Popcorn
2.) Block of White Almond Bark
3.) Nonpareil Sprinkles (tiny rainbow ball sprinkles)
4.) Wax Paper

1.) Pop as many popcorn bags as you please, allow to cool for a few minutes.
2.) Melt almond bark in a large bowl. For more chocolate, use more bark, for less, you get the idea. I used half for three bags.
3.) Mix in popcorn and stir.
4.) Spread out on wax paper and shake sprinkles on top.
5.) Allow to dry and eat the entire bowl. I warned you.

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