Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Microwave Garlic Grits

Y'all, I love me some grits. As one waiter I had in Chattanooga once said, "They stick to your ribs and some other things, too." I could eat grits every day of my life and never tire of them. I crave them constantly because I have iron deficiency. They have one of the highest iron contents of any food out there. To that I say, "Amen!" I love to make them from scratch, although sometimes, time will not allow. Thus, I've developed a microwave method I believe is fabulous. I'll keep eating them this way; hopefully, you'll give them a try, too!  Here's how:
1.) Buy these instant grits, in whatever flavor you wish (cheddar flavor is gross to me). For the garlic ones, I buy butter flavor. Also buy shredded sharp cheddar cheese, skim milk, and garlic powder.
2.) Microwave grits according to package directions.
3.) Remove from microwave halfway through cooking and stir well. Add cheese and desired amount of garlic powder on top. With thirty seconds left, remove and stir vigorously. Finish cooking time. If they have a thick consistency that somewhat holds to your spoon, they're done. You can also let them cool for a couple of minutes to check the consistency. Microwave more if they are soupy.
4.) Boom. Garlic grits are ready for the eatin'.

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